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Engaging with a wide range of stakeholders is a core commitment of the CCG. This means that our population can get involved in shaping the work we do. The CCG’s Communications and Engagement Team leads on supporting effective and coordinated engagement across the organisation.

But all our staff have a responsibility to promote patient and public engagement, and many will have an active role in planning and delivering engagement and consultation activities. The needs and views of patients and the public should be reviewed at every stage of the commissioning cycle.

Patient and public involvement in the NHS services and care is crucial to ensure the treatment and support offered is the best for everyone.

These are some of the ways that you can get involved:

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) & PPG Conference - Patient participation groups offer members of the public the opportunity to become more involved in how the practice runs. To join your GP practice’s patient group speak to your surgery to find out when the next meeting is or check the practice website to see if it contains information about their PPG.

Locality Community Engagement Panels and Forums - Each locality has a panel or forum comprising representatives from key strategic patient and public groups to act as a bridge between the community of Norfolk and Waveney, and the CCG. The panels and forums reflect the individuality of each locality.

Public Consultations - When a service is closed, substantially changed or proposals are made for a new service, the NHS is required to launch a formal public consultation process. This gives anyone wishing to voice their concerns, raise suggestions or support the proposal the opportunity to do so. For more information link to (Internal page Public Consultations)

Research - Practices in Norfolk and Waveney support research into illness and NHS services. Research is taking place all the time across health and social care, however, it cannot happen without your help. Find out how you can take an active role in developing services and treatments for future generations.

There are also other local organisations which help us to understand what local people think about services:

Healthwatch Norfolk and Healthwatch Suffolk - are the local consumer champion for health and social care in our area. Formed in April 2013, as a result of the Health and Social Care Act, they are an independent organisation with statutory powers.

Youth Advisory Boards - There are seven Youth Advisory Boards (YABs) in Norfolk. They were set up in 2012 with the aims of supporting young people aged 11 to 25 to have their voice in their community about the facilities and services they need. Waveney has a Youth Council which was set up in 2009 to help young people of Waveney have a voice and to enable them to make a difference in their community.

Friends and Family Test (FFT) - Many people don’t quite know how to provide feedback on the care they have received from the NHS, but it’s incredibly important to have your say so you can help shape and improve your local services. Whether you’re seen in hospital by a GP, by your dentist or by a paramedic, you can have your say on your care. The NHS Friends and Family Test gives you the chance to provide quick, anonymous feedback on your care and treatment experience. All you have to do is ask to complete the Friends and Family Test in NHS hospitals, GP practices and dental practices, and you can say what went well and what you think can be improved. This feedback will go straight to the people who have provided the service so they can take your views into account.

Your feedback really can help to make a difference to patients’ lives. To find out more about the NHS Friends and Family Test please visit

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