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Getting routine vaccinations could save your child’s life

The NHS in Norfolk and Waveney is urging people to attend routine vaccination appointments to help protect you and your child against serious and potentially deadly diseases and stop outbreaks in the community.

Local health leaders have assured people that it is safe to visit GP practices for vaccinations, with measures in place to reduce the risk from coronavirus.

NHS teams are continuing to work hard to help people to manage illness linked to coronavirus (Covid-19), but essential vaccinations for babies, pre-school children and adults are continuing as normal. Routine vaccinations can be booked through your GP practice.

Dr Anoop Dhesi, Chair of NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and a local GP, said: "It is really important that you or your child have routine vaccinations. These vaccines protect against serious and potentially deadly illnesses and stop outbreaks in the community. One of the best ways to protect babies against diseases like measles, rubella and meningitis is through immunisation.

"It continues to be a worrying time, but we would like to reassure you that it is safe to go to your GP practice and have your vaccinations as measures are in place to minimise any risk to you and your family from coronavirus."

Dr Dhesi added: "For the best protection vaccines need to be given on time. If you, or your child, have missed a vaccination appointment because of the pandemic, please contact your GP practice to re-book your appointment.

"While the NHS works hard to treat people affected by coronavirus, it is vital that parents and carers make sure that their children have these lifesaving jabs. Vaccinations like the MMR jab could save a child’s life."

If the person needing a vaccination has coronavirus symptoms, or is self-isolating because someone in the household is displaying symptoms, please contact your GP practice to reschedule. If you or a member of your household develops coronavirus symptoms, you should follow government guidance and reschedule your appointment.

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