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Norfolk and Waveney GP surgeries performing higher than average in GP patient survey

GP practices in Norfolk and Waveney have come out highly in the national annual survey of patient satisfaction.

Overall, they score higher than the national average in a range of important indicators such as helpful staff, access to appointments and satisfaction with their care.

The GP Patient Survey is an independent survey run by Ipsos MORI on behalf of NHS England. It is sent out to more than two million people across the UK annually. The survey results show how people feel about their GP practice. Scores can be analysed

In the survey, GP practices in Norfolk and Waveney scored above average in the following areas:

  • 91% found the receptionist helpful
  • 87% patients felt their health care professional recognised and/or understood their mental health needs
  • 84% described the overall experience of their GP surgery as good.
  • 79% felt they had enough support from local organisations to manage a long-term condition (or conditions)
  • 78% of patients who have tried to use their GP practice website found it easy to access information or services.
  • 68% they found it easy to get through to their GP practice on the phone
  • 77% were happy with the types of appointments they were offered
  • 68% of patients rated their overall experience of making an appointment as good.
  • 66% were happy with the appointment times offered available
  • 68% were happy with how quickly they had received care

The results, above, are for all of Norfolk and Waveney’s GP practices together.

This year’s survey was completed just as the country was entering ‘lockdown’ because of Coronavirus and before many changes were made to health and care services in response to the global pandemic. Since the survey was carried out, many GP practices have transformed the way they operate, changing the ways that people can access help and advice.

Many have introduced online consultations and online booking systems and where this has been introduced, many more people have had their health worries resolved more quickly either by advice online and over the phone or in person.  

Dr Anoop Dhesi, a local GP and Chair of NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group said: “This is a fantastic achievement for our colleagues working in practices – both patient facing and behind the scenes.

“It is great to see that people’s experiences are so positive and as practices continue to adapt and move some of their services online it is reassuring to see that patients are appreciating this and finding it beneficial. Each and every one of our practices puts patients at the heart of what they do and the survey results evidence the hard work which they put in on a regular basis.

“These results are also testimony to the increase in partnership working as our colleagues at the CCG, local pharmacies, hospitals and community colleagues all work together to provide patient-centric care.”

The GP patient survey can be accessed at https://www.gp-patient.co.uk/surveysandreports  

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