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Support for Unpaid Carers in Norfolk and Waveney

The NHS England regional mental health team has commissioned tide (Together in Dementia Everyday) to deliver a session to support unpaid family carers to better understand dementia, delirium and depression and how to respond. The session is free and takes place on Thursday 29 July.

The session is being delivered by carers with experience and is intended for unpaid carers only. These could be friends/family of people living in care homes, supported living accommodation or at home. The event will take place on 29 July 10.00-11.30; a webinar for unpaid friend and family carers only on Dementia, Delirium and Depression

In Norfolk and Waveney around there are an estimated 16,256 people (age 65+) with dementia. Across Norfolk and Waveney there are also 353 people aged 0-64 with a recorded dementia diagnosis. Our ageing population has driven dementia rates above the national rate. Unpaid carers bear a huge burden and need support to stay well themselves.

Any carers for someone who has dementia, whether they are cared for at home, in a hospital or residential care setting will benefit from this event by understanding more about the connections available and how to best support the person they care for. They can join tide and the East of England NHS and learn more about the inter-relationship across dementia, delirium and depression, the early identification of delirium and depression in people living with dementia and how to ask for the right treatment and support. Janis Cottee, Former Carer, Expert by Experience and long-standing member of tide with personal experience in this area, will share her story and answer questions.

Cath Byford is Chief Nurse with NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group: “Three in five people within the UK will become a carer at some point in their lives. Nearly 1 in 8 of Norfolk’s population are caring and others care at a distance for people living in the area. With the unpaid care provided by the nations’ carers currently worth an estimated £132bn per year- considerably more than total spending on the NHS in England- caring can affect anyone, at anytime in their lives, no matter who they are or what they do. Caring can have a big impact on everyday life, and each day, thousands struggle to get the support that they desperately need. We’re glad to be able to be backing this carers’ workshop, as any support, however small, is helping these marvellous carers.”

Register for the event here:

The zoom meeting will open at 10am so participants can come along early and 'meet' those who are attending with the main webinar commencing at 10.30am for an hour. If anyone needs help with accessing and using Zoom, please contact Linda via e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 07719 983722.


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